Ratings are based on:

a. Showcase performance
b. Leg Strength
c. Whether the athlete used a FG block or not
d. Evaluation of the staff




Top Class of 2018 and 2019 Prospects


Pierson Cooke - 2018 K/P from Michigan
Started kicking late in the game (right before his junior season). Improved rapidly and performed exceptionally at competitions - outperforming more experienced kickers with accolades. While steps look a bit choppy, ball jumps off his foot. Field goal rotation off the ground is clean. Punts travel 55-60 yards with great hang times.
Ben VonGunten - 2018 K/P from Indiana 
Indiana Wesleyan
Ben has been attending our camps since he was an 8th grader. We used his 8th grade field goal video as an example of what perfect form looks like. Since then he has gotten a lot more powerful. Ben averages in upper 60s yards per kickoff with hang times of around 4 seconds. He shows great punting mechanics. He can do all three skills at the next level.
Nick Mihalic - 2018 K/P from Illinois
Western Michigan
Athletic combo athlete who shows excellent consistency on punts - hitting impressive percentage of spirals. Best punts are in 4.6+ second range. Hits kickoffs very well in mid to upper 60s. 
Justin Smith - 2018 K/P from Ohio
Info coming soon...
Terrhyn Jacoby - 2018 K from Iowa
Multi-sport athlete who is a very focused kicker. At the Top Kicker in America Event, Terrhyn was kicking off the ground with football cleats (not soccer cleats), and he made most of the kicks, finishing near the top of the field in field goals and kickoffs. We have known Terrhyn since the middle school. He always performs well - kicking, punting, or catching touchdowns.
Daniel Riser - 2018 Kicker/Punter from Michigan
Northern Michigan
Experience and mature young kicker who performs consistently every time that we see him. In the summer before his senior season, he showed field goal range of 60 yards off a 1-inch block with excellent form. Kickoffs are usually in mid 60s with hang times in 3.5 to 3.8 second range.
Evan Morris - 2019 Kicker from Michigan
Evan showed an eye-opening power on his kicks. He attended our Michigan preseason camp in August prior to his junior season. He averaged almost 70 yards per kickoff (no wind) and hit a 65 yard field goal off a 1-inch tee. His mechanics need work. But this 6'3" soccer player is more powerful than any high school kicker that I have seen in years. Once he learns how to harness that power, sky is the limit. 
Adam Jayko - 2018 K/P from Illinois
Strong and athletic kicker punter with lively leg. Ball jumps off his foot. Excellent height on field goals and kickoffs. We expect to see big improvement between his junior and senior seasons.
VIDEO (July 2016)
Adam Culp - Class of 2018 K/P from Michigan (evaluated in Dec. 2016)
6'4" combo athlete with tons of potential at all 3 skills. Veteran of the kicking camps, Adam shows excellent fundamentals and consistent performance at every event. Kickoffs are in low to mid 60s. Field goal range is 50+ off the ground. Adam's punting is consistent for high school level. As he adds muscle to his very lenghty frame, his power will continue to increase. Adam is nowhere near his full potential as a kicker or a punter.

Parker Blust - Class of 2018 K/P from Michigan
Tall kicker/punter with very good power. Parker continues to improve every time that we see him. He has shown that he can hit around 55 yard FGs off the ground, 70 yard kickoffs, and punt hang times that are in 4.6+ second range. He still has tons of room to improve with increased strength and mechanics.
VIDEO from summer 2017 -

Chase Dinan - Class of 2018 K from Ohio
Chase shows quick leg and excellent consistency. Kickoffs are close to 70 yards with 3.5 to 3.8 second hang times. He showed 60-yard range on field goals off a 1-inch tee prior to his junior season.

Kyle Rhonehouse - 2019 KP from Ohio
Tall kicker with great leg snap. Kyle had ability to connect on 60 yard field goals even before he went into his junior season. Best kickoffs reached 70 yards. Kyle shows calm and confident demeanor. Lot of potential.
Sam Webster - 2019 K from Ohio
Showed a very powerful leg at the Ohio Winter Event on Dec. 3rd 2017. With barely any backswing, Sam hits the ball with wicked fast leg snap. At this event, he went 11/14 on field goals with long of 57 off a 1-inch block. He averaged 62.50 yards per kickoff. Still pretty raw with his mechanics, Sam is nowhere near his full potential. 
Jacob Kocemba - 2019 K from Illinois
Soccer player with good size frame and excellent leg snap. Ball jumps of his foot. In December 2017, he showed leg strength to hit field goals close to 60 yards off a 1-inch block. Kickoffs are in upper 60 yard range with good hang times.
Erik Henderson - 2019 K from Ohio
Averaged 60.50 yards per kickoff and went 7/10 on field goals with long of 50 off a 1/2 inch block on Dec. 3rd 2017. Athletic and experienced kicker. Has a smooth stride and great leg snap on kickoffs. Eric will easily add another 5 yards to his kicks this off-season.
Matt Trickett - Class of 2018 K from Ohio
Experienced and mature young kicker who has performed consistently at every event that he attended. He already has 50 yard FG range off the ground (summer before junior season) with room to improve as he gets stronger. Kickoffs are usually in mid 60s. 
Jermaine Roemer - Class of 2018 P/K from Michigan
All around a solid combo athlete. Continues to work on his skills improve at a rapid pace. Field goal range is 55+ yards. Punting consistency is above average with top hang times in 4.7+ second range. He shows very good ball handling on punts with a consistent drop.
Eric Zeboor - Class of 2018 K/P from Michigan (evaluated in Dec. 2016)
Solid mechanics in all three skills. Tall combo athlete who comes from a high school that spits out a college kicker every year. Eric averaged 63 yards per kickoff with solid hang times and went 8/10 on FGs, with long of 52. He is still tall and lenghty, not fully developed into his frame. As he becomes stronger, he will easily add 5-10 yards on his kicks. 

Jacob Borcila - 2019 K/P from Ohio
info coming soon
David Orlando - 2018 K from Ohio
Consistent and fundamentally solid young kicker who has 50+ yard FG range off a 1-inch block. Most kickoffs are touchbacks. Outstanding athlete who plays on offense and defense as well, playing pretty much every single down.
HUDL link -
Dylan Correia - 2018 K from Ohio
Performed exceptionally well at the Ohio Winter Event in December 2015. Only a month after his sophomore season, Dylan showed 50-yard range on field goals off the ground and averaged almost 60 yards per kickoff.

Gabe Pickett - 2018 K/P from Michigan
Fundamentally solid athlete at all three skills. Always performs consistently. Field goal range is around 50 yards off the ground, kickoffs are near 60 yards and punts are in upper 30s with hang times in low 4 second range. As Gabe matures and gets stronger, his top numbers will improve.
Lucas Karwal - 2018 K from Iowa
Kicker with a quick leg who gets good height on kickoffs and field goals off the ground. Has 50+ yard field goal range off the ground. Kickoffs average in mid 60s with hang times in 3.6 to 3.8 second range.
Branden Steckel - 2019 K from Ohio
Dedicated and focused kicker. Shows range to hit field goals from 50+ yards. Kickoffs are in low 60 yard range. Shows continued improvrement.
Jared Scheberl - 2019 K from Wisconsin
Fundamentally very clean kicker. Hits a nice straight ball. Field goal range is close to 50 off a 1-inch and kickoffs are close to 60 yards. As he grows and becomes a stronger athlete, distances will improve.
Sam Babbush - 2019 Kicker from Ohio
Averaged 55 yard per kickoff and went 6/10 on field goals with long of 45 off a 1-inch block on Dec 3 2017. Hit a very nice, straight, high field goal ball with clean rotation. Has nice short and straight field goal steps. Very efficient with mechanics. 
Zach Lichosik - 2018 K/P from Wisconsin
Info coming soon
Wyatt Dillon - 2019 Kicker from Iowa
Wyatt showed field goal rangle of around 50 yards and kickoff range in mid 50s. Field goal contact is solid and he gets a nice clean rotation on his kicks. Kickoffs steps could use improvement. Athletic kicker who has room to improve consistency and distance.



*Archives: Top Specialists Kicking in College


Brad Robbins - 2017 P from Ohio
No brainer Division 1 scholarship punter. Tall and fast. Excellent mechanics and consistency. Has leg strength to hit 5.3 second hang times. Brad has charted multiple consecutive punts of over 5 seconds. He will likely compete for starting job immediately. Kicks off well. Mechanics need work. But he can already reach 70+ yards with good hang times.
Tucker McCann - KP - O'Fallon HS, IL
One of the top class of 2016 combos in the country. Perfect from on field goals and kickoffs. Kicked 53 and 60 yard field goals in games as a junior. Has 70+ yard kickoff range and ability to hit field goals from 60+ yards with ease. 
Video -
Peter McIntyre - 2017 K from Ohio
Powerful combo athlete who is a standout linebacker as well. Crushes kickoffs 70+ yards with 4.0+ second hang times. Even with incosistent foot to ball contact, field goal range is 60+ yards off the ground. Already committed to Northwestern University on a full scholarship.

Evan Finegan - 2017 K/P from Michigan
Motivated combo athlete who shows a lot of potential as a punter. Has excellent hands, smooth drop and straight swing. He showed impressive consistency during a very windy 2015 Michigan Preseason Kicking Camp. Evan continued to improve and showed excellent power and consistency at all 2016 camps - averaging distances in mid to upper 40s with hang times that approached or exceeded 5.0 seconds. 
Joseph Metcalf - 2017 K from Ohio
Very strong legged kicker. Field goal range is 60+ off the ground with excellent height. Kickoffs are already in mid 70's range - even with rough steps. Mature athlete with tons of potential.
Jackson Dieterle - K/P - Jenison HS, MI
Ferris State University
Tall and athletic left-footed soccer player who shows tons of potential in addition to the solid numbers that he is already putting up. Kickoffs usually go out of the endzone. Field goals are smooth and in 55+ range off the ground. Punts are consistently down the field - in spite of the across the body swing. He averaged 74.75 yards on 4 kickoffs and 44.92 yards per punt on 12 punts at the Top Kicker In America event in July 2015. 
Nicolai Gualdoni - K/P - Johnston City HS, IL
Southern Illinois University
Big and powerful kicker/punter. Very strong on kickoffs, averaging upper 60s. Punt drop needs to improve. But can crush it when he gets hold of it. At the Top Kicker in America event, Nicolai averaged impressive 70 yards on 4 kickoffs and 50.41 yards on 12 punts.
Brady Jansen - K - Johnston HS, IA
Grandview University
Explosive kicker who pounds kickoffs 70+ yards consistently. Fields goals can use some work on consistency. But Brady hits them far and high off the ground with a very nice end over end rotation. Video -
Zeke Kaufman - K - Highland HS, IL
Rose Hulman University
Experienced kicker who makes nice clean contact on field goals. Shows 60-yard FG range off the ground. Averages mid to upper 60s on kickoffs. Gets excellent height on his field goals. Zeke continues to improve at a fast rate. At the Northwestern University camp, that was attended by 130+ kickers, he made it into finals. Very strong academics.  

Jack Shannon - 2017 K/P from Indiana
Jack has excellent hands and a straight swing. Going into his junior season, he averaged over 46 yards per punt at our invitational event. He also averaged 63 yards on kickoffs and showed 50+ yard range on field goals off the ground.
Garret Rigby - K/P - Stow-Munroe HS, OH
University of Cincinnati
Fundamentally solid specialist at all three skills. Garret shows excellent focus and motivation. He will continue to improve as he gets stronger.
Video -
Kaden Keon - K - St. Louis HS, MI
Central Michigan University
Very quick leg. Kickoffs are very solid - reaching 70 yards occasionally. Smooth field goals. 3.92 GPA. Junior year highlights -
Tyler Burch - K - Hill McCloy High School, MI
Ferris State University
Smooth and experienced kicker with long history of soccer and kicking camps. Makes perfect contact on field goals off the ground and gets excellent height and rotation. Field goal range is 50+. Kickoffs are very consistent and in mid to upper 60's. While he is not a big kicker, he puts everything behind the ball in an efficient manner.
Brendan Baker - K - Grand Ledge HS, MI
Northern Michigan University
Very consistent kicker. Gets excellent height and clean ball rotation on both field goals and kickoffs. 55 yard field goal range off the ground with kickoffs averaging in mid 60s with hang times in 3.6 second range. Brendan placed several kickoffs within a yard of each other with similar hang times- which shows consistency and ability to kickoff directionally.
Hunter Reed - 2017 K/P from Illinois
Hunter has been attending our camps since he was a 10-year old soccer player. Going into his junior season, he is a very polished kicker - hitting field goals from 50+ yards off the ground and averaging mid to upper 60s on kickoffs with solid hang times. As he matures and packs on more muscle, we expect to see him add 5+ yards on both field goals and kickoffs.
Josef Philipp - K - Hillsdale HS, MI
Hillsdale College
Josef has been playing soccer and kicking for many years. He has been attending kicking camps since middle school. In addition to solid mechanics, Josef has an excellent feel for the ball - being able to play the wind or place kickoffs anywhere. Field goals are in 55-yard range off the ground. Kickoffs are in low to mid 60s with room to improve.
Rueben Luna - P/K - Lucas HS, OH
University of Toledo
Tall and athletic combo athlete. Also plays qurterback. Better punter than kicker. Rueben has hit numerous hang times in 4.7+ second range. Needs to improve overall feel to the ball and learn to drive it more. Leg swing is straight and smooth. Hit kickoffs 60+ yards consistently and can hit field goals from mid 50s. Video -
Nick Candre - K - St. Charles East HS, IL
Carthage College
Strong kicker with good leg snap and calm demeanor. Already hitting 50+ yard field goals off the ground (before junior season). As Nick continues to improve his form, he will increase his range and consistency.

Ryan Chalifoux - 2017 K from Illinois
Tall kicker who performed very well at the Top Kicker in America event. He showed great consistency, going 12/13 on FGs with long 52 off a 1/2 inch block. He also averaged 68.50 yards on kickoffs. Ryan continued to improve through the summer of senior season and made the University of Lousville team.

Austin Seibert - 2015 - KP - Belleville West HS, IL.

Committed to Univ. of Oklahoma 
Top combo in the country. Crushes 80 yard kickoffs and 5+ second hang time punts regularly. 60+ yard FG range off the ground.

Spencer Scott - 2015 - P - Brother Rice HS, IL.

Committed to Harvard
Crushed the ball at Northwestern Showcase. Averaged over 50 yards per punt with 4.5+ second hang times. Tall and athletic. Exceptional academics. Received tons of interest by IVY league schools.

Jack Fox - 2015 - P/K - La Due HS, MO

Committed to Rice University
Extremely explosive punter/kickoff guy. Tall and athletic. Huge potential for college and beyond. Stood out against other scholarship-level punters at University of Illinois camp.

Quinton Conaway - 2015 - K - Edmond North HS, OK

Committed to Nevada
Gets ridiculous height on field goals with perfect rotation. At the finals of the Northwestern Univ. specialist camp, he averaged 72 yards per kickoff with 4.05 average hang time. Recorded a 79 yard kickoff at the event.

Zach Potter - 2015 - K/P - Terre Haute North Vigo HS, IN

Committed to Army
Explosive athlete who is solid in all 3 skills. Gets excellent contact on FGs off the ground. One of the best combos in the country. Received a D1 offer.

Zach DeWitt - 2015 - K - Jacksonville HS, IL

Committed to Northwest Missouri State University
Solid kicker who hits a very straight and high ball off the ground on field goals. At the Top Kicker Event, Zach went 4/4 on field goals from 52,55,57 and 60 (ground).

Gavin Patterson - 2015 - K - Bradley Bourbonnais Comm HS, IL

Committed to South Alabama
Consistent kicker with clean contact and good pop. Went 3/4 field goals in the finals of NW schowcase. Averaged 73.7 yards per kickoff in the finals.

Jake Herbers - 2015 - P/K - Battle Creek Lakeview HS, MI

Committed to Minnesota
Tall and powerful left footed punter (6'3" 205). Solid mechanics with a consistent drop. Tons of potential to dominate in college.

Josh Williams - 2015 - K - Rowlett HS, TX

Committed to SMU
Solid mechanics with good leg strength. Hit a very straight and clean ball off the ground. Athletic built and great focus. Very consistent.  

Mike Caggiano - 2015 - K/P - Manalapan HS, NJ

Committed to UMASS
Athletic kicker. Very consistent and fundamentally solid on kickoffs, averaging 73.7 yards at Northwestern Showcase. Hits a clean FG ball off the ground.


Zachary Mirabelli - 2015 - K - Mount Carmel HS, IL

Aurora College
Excellent contact off the ground. Has range to hit from 60 yards out. Mechanics could use some improvement. But when Zach grows into his 6'4" frame, he will be unbeatable.

Ryan Basden - 2015 - P/K - Morton HS, IL

Committed to Illinois State 
Powerful and fundamentally solid punter. Recorded the highest hang time at University of Illinois camp. Averages in upper 60s on kickoffs. Solid combo athlete. 

Blaze Watson - 2015 - K - Coldwater HS, MI

Committed to Western Michigan University
Tall athletic kicker with lot of power. Crushes kickoffs and gets great height on field goals. Also a sprinter on the track team. Tons of potential to be great in college.

David Riser - 2015 - K/P - Forest Hills Central HS, MI

Committed to Northwood
Tall kicker/punter with smooth swing and solid mechanics. Very consistent on field goals. Shows good and quick hands on punts.

Graham Hungerford - K/P from Michigan
Gets excellent height of field goals off the ground with 50 yard range. Graham is a motivated athlete who keep improving rapidly every time that we see him.

Wyatt Mast - 2017 K from Michigan
Experienced kicker with powerful leg. He has been attending camps and performing well for years. Kickoffs are generally near 70 yards with great hang times. Field goal range is 55 to 60 yards with good height and rotation

DJ Wellons - 2017 K from Ohio
Explosive kicker who keeps improving rapidly. He does a great job getting through kickoffs - averaging mid to upper 60s. He hits the ball well of the ground on field goals - getting good rotation and height on ball flight with the range in mid 50s.

Graham Hungerford - 2017 K/P from Michigan
Gets excellent height of field goals off the ground with 50 yard range. Graham is a motivated athlete who keep improving rapidly every time that we see him.

Jed Quackenbush - K from Ohio
Tall kicker with smooth and very efficient mechanics. Field goals are high and straight. Jed has 50 yard field goal range off the ground. His kickoffs are in mid to upper 60s. As he gets stronger, his range will increase and kickoff hang times will be higher. 

Patrick Kramer - 2017 K from Illinois
Kicker with quick leg who has 60 yard field goal range off the ground. Kickoffs are usually in mid 60s with occasional 70 yarder. Plays for state champion Loyola Academy in Wilmette, IL where he has made numerous high pressure kicks.

Mason Laramie - 2017 K from Illinois 
Powerful and very motivated kicker who showed leg strength to hit field goals from 60+ off the ground. Kickoffs are usually in upper 60s to low 70's. As Mason polishes his skills more, consistency will improve.
Ryan Poland - Class of 2017 K from Ohio
Ryan has very smooth approach and clean contact on field goals. If he misses, it is barely off. Height and ball rotation on his kicks is outstanding.