Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to bring to the camp?

Answer: Everyone needs to bring two footballs.
Kickers also need to bring a field goal holder (tripod device - not an actual person from their football team), kickoff block and a field goal tee. We sell holders, blocks and tees at the camp check-in for the same price that you can find on the internet. We do not sell footballs. 
Everyone needs to bring their kicking shoes. Soccer shoes work the best. Football cleats that are not high top, and not very rigid, will work out fine. 
We recommend that you wear comfortable, weather-appropriate athletic clothing.


Q. I submitted the $50 deposit. When is the camp remaining balance due?

Answer: You can pay the remaining balance on the day of the event or mail a check prior to it. Please do not send cash. We have had it happen only once...sending cash to us that is. We have had zero instances of receiving the cash.
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Q. Are parents allowed to stay and watch?
Answer: Yes. We will even do most of our instruction close to the stands so that you can learn if you wish. Usually about half of the parents stay to observe.
We only ask that:
1. You stay off the field and watch for flying footballs that will be everywhere.
2. You do not coach your child at the camp. This makes everyone uncomfortable. Take notes and use the knowledge afterwards.
Q. My son is only in the middle school. Will this camp be beneficial to him?
Answer: Most likely YES. There are usually several middle school kickers at every event. There is a staff member who spends time teaching them fundamentals of kicking at the level that is appropriate for them. Over the years, we have had several very focused 10-year olds with soccer experience attend our camps, catch the "kicking bug", and become exceptional kickers. 
Middle school athletes who do not benefit much are the ones who have never kicked before, never played soccer, and are generally shy around older kids.