Top Camp Performers

  • Every athlete who attends a camp is charted and evaluated. 
  • Athletes who kicked field goals off the ground and had impressive kickoff numbers are ranked higher since kicking without a block is significantly more difficult.
  • Punters are not charted at winter events due to a low ceiling at many indoor facilities. They are charted at all outdoor events.   


2017 Off-Season Complete Camp Evaluation Charts

(Athletes attended Camps between Dec. '16 and Aug. '17) 

December 17th Ohio Kicking Event

December 29th Michigan Kicking Event

February 20th Illinois Kicking Event

March 18th Ohio Kicking Event 2

March 26th Iowa Kicking Event

May 13,14 Michigan Spring Camp

May 27,28 Chicago Spring Camp

June 3,4 Ohio Summer Camp

July 22,23 Chicago Preseason Camp

July 29,30 Ohio Preseason Camp

August 5,6 Michigan Preseason Camp


2017 Off-Season Punt Charts (only outdoor events)





2016 Off-Season Complete Camp Evaluation Charts

(Athletes attended Camps between Dec. '15 and Aug. '16) 

December 12th 2015 Ohio Kicking Event

January 2nd 2016 Michigan Kicking Event

February 15th 2016 Illinois Kicking Event

March 19th 2016 Ohio Kicking Event

April 3rd 2016 Iowa Kicking Event

May 7,8 2016 Chicago Spring Event

May 14,15 2016 Michigan Spring Event

June 4,5 2016 Ohio Summer Event

July 23,24 Chicago Preseason Event

July 30,31 Ohio Preseason Event

August 6,7 Michigan Preseason Event


2016 Off-Season Punt Charts (only outdoor events)

*punts charted in both directions to account for the wind 


2015 Off-Season Top Camp Performers

2014 Off-Season Top Camp Performers

Athletes attended camps between December 2013 and August 2014