Illinois Winter Skills Camp & College Showcase Event

  February 19th 2018 (President's Day - no school) 


Camp Start: 9AM  End: 6PM

Location: Avantis Dome. 3401 Griffin Ave., Pekin, IL 61554



  • Filip Filipovic; experience: NFL, 20+ years in the kicking world
  • Ryan Donahue: experience: NFL. Detroit Lions. 4-year starter at U of Iowa.
  • Zach Paul; experience: NFL. Cleveland, Jacksonville. U of Akron 4-year starter. 
  • Mike Meyer; experience: NFL (Titans, Falcons), U. of Iowa 4-year starter 
  • Austin Seibert: experience: Oklahoma U. 2-year starting Kicker/Punter
  • More staff will be added. Coach to Camper Ratio is always 1:7 or better !


About the Illinois Off-Season Camp:


  • 11th Annual Illinois Offseason Kicking Camp is one of the top-rated winter kicking camps in the country. This camp usually sells out. 
  • Sixty athletes from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana attend this event and work with expert staff - many of whom were campers at this very event at some point and have been involved with the program ever since.


  1. Solid fundamentals for field goals, kickoffs and punts - foot to ball contact, efficient steps and transfer of weight through the swing, building momentum under control, increasing leg speed and power through posture and foot path improvement, etc.
  2. Game scenario kicks - onside kicks, squib kickoffs, quick get-off punts, etc.
  3. Individual video breakdown of every athlete's field goal mechanics.
  4. Strength Training Exercises designed for kickers and punters.

Evaluation and Exposure:

  1. Competitions and charting within athlete's age group.
  2. College Exposure evaluation for the class of 2019, 2020 and 2021 high school athletes. We have placed numerous athletes from this camp into college programs. Most of our staff members are former campers from this camp.
  3. Consultation with athletes and parents on the college exposure process. 

You will leave this camp with the knowledge of...

  • What exercises and drills will take your skills to a higher level
  • How to maximize your off-season training
  • What you need to do to get seen by college coaches
  • What parents need to do to help with recruiting process
  • Equipment secrets of the pros
  • And much more...

This camp is for:

  • Motivated specialists who are looking to get a jump start on the competition for the 2018 football season.
  • Athletes who are punters only should attend only from 4:30PM to 6PM (cost $85). We will teach punting fundamentals and training.
  • Young kickers and punters who want to learn the mechanics and training methods of NFL and top college kickers/punters. Recommended age is 12 to 19. Most athletes are in 14 to 17 age group.
  • High school seniors who want to learn to kick off the ground effectively
  • High school athletes looking for College Exposure

Camp Extras:

  • 2018 Off-Season Training Manual (exercises, drills, sport psychology tips)
  • Lunch 
  • Your high school coach can attend for free.



  • Kickers and Kicker/Punter Combos - $260

  • Punters only - $85 


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