September 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Newsletter


In This Newsletter:

1. Pre-game and post game
2. Weekly training and kicking schedule
3. Top Camp Performers from the entire 2015 Off-Season
4. Kicking Resources and Upcoming Winter Events


Pre-game and Post-game

           Pre-game and post-game routines are important in facilitating good performances and quick physical and mental recoveries. At the time of the opening kickoff, your goal is to be mentally and physically ready. Similarly, on Monday afternoon, at the start of preparation for the following game, your goal is to be mentally and physically fresh and ready to work. If you found a routine that works for you, great! Keep doing it. If not, here are few suggestions.

           1. Find a number of kicks that works for you. Somewhere between 20-30 total full kicks (closer to 20 if you are just a punter or just a kicker). Repeat that number each week regardless of how you feel. Pre-game is not a time to show off your leg or to work out issues. It is simply a time to warm up and test the footing and wind conditions. 

           2. Come out at half-time and hit a 5-10 kicks.

           3. If you don't play other positions, stay warm on sidelines without wearing yourself out. Light jogging is fine. No step taps or light taps occasionally into the net are fine. Punters can catch underhand snaps from a teammate and work on drops as much as they wish.




          1. Do not kick on the day after the game. Stay off your legs as much as possible. Ideally, find time for a 20-30 minute active rest. Nice walk, swim, or a bike ride are ideal. Something that gets your body moving without putting much stress on it. 

          2. Do some light kicking two days after the game. Since this is usually Sunday, most likely you will be on your own. Take a very long and slow warm up. Do tons of easy drills - no steps, punt drops, line drive punts, one step kicks. Make up your own game...aim for something other than goal post, try to hit no-step at the cross bar, play few rounds of punt golf, etc. Goal is to do some fun and light kicking. Finish the session with 5-15 full kicks. I suggest not doing kickoffs on Sundays because your legs will likely not be fully recovered from the game.

          3. Go home and relax. Regardless of whatever happened in the game, it is no longer relevant. Whether you missed an important kick or made a game winner, you need to move on from that past. Both of those will be a distraction in your challenge to stay in the moment and get the most out of your present.




Weekly Training and Kicking Schedule


        Game Day

        - Pre-game, half time kicks, game kicks = roughly 50 to 60 kicks

        One Day after the game

        - No Kicking

        Two Days after the game

        - Minimal kicking = 20 kicks or less

        Three Days after the game

        - Heaviest kicking day. Work out kinks if you have any. 40 - 50 kicks

        Four Days after the game

        - Second and last heavy kicking day. 40 - 50 kicks

        Two Days before the next game

        - Light kicking or no kicking. Hit some situational kicks if needed. 0-20 kicks.

        Day before the game

        - No kicking if possible. If you have to due to practice structure, kick as little as needed.

        Game Day 

        - You will be fresh and ready to roll !



Top Camp Performers From the Entire 2015 Off-Season

         At every camp, we charted you. Here are the final standings after the entire 2015 off-season. Everyone who has made it to bonus round is listed. Complete camp charts are at the top of the page.  -
         We are gonna tweak a few things for the 2016 off-season camp evaluation. We will evaluate punters at winter camps and make the field goal charting a bit more challenging for the younger kickers (you have been getting too good and making it look easy).


Kicking Resources and Upcoming Events

           I posted several drills, staff videos and training guides on the website for all to watch and use. You can find those here - I also frequently post videos, recruiting news, and tips on The Kicking Coach Facebook page
            The Kicking Coach is the biggest small kicking camp organization in the country. What that means is that we see a good amount of athletes on annual bases. Most camps sell out. We have solid connections in the NCAA and NFL. But we are still a small organization that is accessible to all athletes - from an NFL veteran to a 12 year old kicker. You should take advantage of all the resources that you have available to you. Easiest way of communicating and getting free coaching and feedback is through text message, cell# (773) 480-5425, or our facebook page. Shoot me a video of yourself kicking, and you will get some feedback within few hours.

            Winter Indoor Camp Dates and Locations:
           December 12th                 Ohio Winter Event - University of Akron, OH
           December - March             Chicago Winter Indoor Small Group Training
           January 2nd                      Michigan Winter Event - Grand Valley State Allendale, MI
           February 15th (Pres. Day)  Illinois Winter Event -   Avanti's Dome, Pekin, IL  
           March 2016                       Tiffin University, OH
           March 2016                       William Penn University, IA
           For the details on each camp, please go to
*High school and college coaches who are interested in learning about kicking are welcome to attend any camp for free.