Zoltan Mesko delivers a funny testimonial


Zoltan Mesko, Drafted by New England Patriots 

My pre-draft experience was somewhat of a roller coaster. I had a terrible Senior Bowl performance, which included the practices and the game. I was down for a good week after that terrible performance. Without any fluff added to the following story, Filip called me up. He was brutally honest with me and told me what I needed to correct to take my punting ability to the next level. The truth hurts, and it’s tough to take when that feedback is intended for correction, but I trusted Filip. At the time he had been my punting coach/mentor for three years, and he had already taken me from one level to the next, therefore I respected his evaluation on what needed to be changed in my technique. I knew he wasn’t going to put me into a position that would be damaging to my career, and that’s why I listened and decided to work my tail off.

With four weeks to go before the NFL combine, we worked on my stance (big change), my steps, my directional punting, my drop angle, and my hang time.Looking at it now, that list of things to change is outrageous to undertake before a career-altering event such as the combine. Surprisingly, it never felt like too much to handle, because I had Filip to simplify and accelerate my learning curve on each particular fundamental. Out of all the punters invited, I by far had the best performance at the combine. Things had paid off.

Next event was Michigan’s Pro Day in March, followed by a handful of individual workouts for NFL coaches later in March and April. However, all this came with an added wrinkle, where most of my workouts were scheduled to take place outside. Cold and wind: not an ideal punting situation. With what I had worked on prior to the combine, Filip was further able to develop different “clubs” in my kicking bag. I knew what technique adjustment to make when it got windy, and what to tweak when the wind calmed down. This allowed me to maximize the combination of hang time and distance that the weather for that day would allow. I obviously recall my workout with New England, since they ended up drafting me. It was 37 degrees, with 15 to 20 mph winds. There’s no way I could’ve had the same exact high performance without Filip’s help.

In my final two years in college we ran the shield punt. Therefore, I was able to get away with sacrificing a little hang time for more distance. My BEST hang time in the 2009 season was 4.5 seconds. Good for college, but very mediocre for the NFL pre-draft evaluation. My technique was stuck in low-hang-time mode. After my dismal Senior Bowl experience (when I almost had a punt taken back on me), I applied the changes I listed above, and not only did my hang time increase (I hit 5.3 seconds multiple times at my Pro Day: timed by the Colts and Jets coaches), but my distance and consistency ended up rising, as a result of all the changes implemented.

Throughout the whole pre-draft process, Filip knew when to tear me down, and when to build me up. He was always punctual and professional. He knows the industry, and therefore relates to NFL coaches very well. It most certainly helped that Filip was present at most of my individual workouts and spoke to those coaches/scouts. As a former NFL punter, Filip had been in my shoes before, and that’s the main reason I trusted his advice and coaching.

Brad Northman, Carolina Panthers

I tried what you said about leaning forward more in my ankles and I was amazed at the results. The ball felt much comfortably out in front of me and the contact I made with the ball felt great. I gotta say that is a very impressive coaching point from not even being able to see me! It makes me want to kick with you more! Thanks so much for the coaching point and I'm sure it will pay dividends the rest of the year.


Chad Cunningham, University of Tennessee 2011.

*Chad signed with the Tennessee Titans and attended the 2011 NFL Training Camp.

Hi Filip,

I wanted to update you on Chad's performance in the Eastham Energy All star Game on Sunday. He had the best game of his career. Chad had 5 kicks totaling 266 yds for 53.2 yard average.

48 yds 4.8 hang time 4 YARD RETURN
66 yards 4.4 Hang Time This punt travel 63 yards in the air went into the end zone for touch back.
53 yards 4.7 Hang Time Touch Back
58 yards 4.6 hang time FC
41 yards 4.4 hang time FC

Chad has been working hard and really enjoyed working with you. He would like to come back February 14-16 for another session.

Rory (Chad's father)


Mason Krysinski, class of 2010 K/P. Einsenhower HS, MI. Committed to Miami (OH).

Coach Filipovic,
I just wanted to let you know a couple of the things you told Mason to do (change grip and push out) on punts really made a difference.  He said he hit 8 punts in a row over 60 yards!  His coach asked me yesterday when I was picking up his brother “what in hell did you feed Mason?”  He confirmed what Mason had told me.
Thanks again,
David Krysinski, father of Mason.


Tyler Tate, Kicker, class of 2011, committed to Bowling Green University (OH)


Tyler is 7 of 7 on PATs and 2 of 2 of FGs. His long FG was 35 yards (as time expired in the first half), but the impressive thing about it was that it hit the fence on the other side of the track. The game official asked Tyler what his best FG to date has been in practice (60 yarder, which he made on the first attempt).

I share this with you as a way of saying thank you for what Tyler has learned from you. He is considering not playing basketball this winter in order to concentrate on kicking, which would allow us to arranges a couple of lessons with you and attend your winter camps.

Steve Tate, father of Tyler Tate from Bloom Carroll High School, Ohio


            "Filip, I cannot begin to say how much my son David and I appreciate your commitment to David. The last two years working with you, David not only received a scholarship, but he also witnessed someone who really cares about his future. You have made it your business to keep track of David and work with him during his first college season, and David still values every minute he can get working with you. No words can express my appreciation for what you have done. I look forward to seeing you work with David throughout his college career."

Joe Gray, Father of David Gray - Northwest Missouri Univ., Class of 2011



My son Cameron(headband) was at your camp @ Ferris St. I just wanted to let you know that both of us enjoyed it immensely. Cam said both KC (Lopata, University of Michigan kicker) & Brett (Swenson, Michigan State kicker) both helped him a lot. He took home more information at your camp than the 3 camps before. This process of trying to get him some kind of scholarship is a lot of time, travel, money and a lot of hard work. But I must say your camp made it fun, some great coaches,  and informational.  Thank you for time and much needed help. Hope we can make the camp in July for punting. Thanks again.

Ray Colson, parent from Michigan.



          "I recently was named Special Teams Coordinator for my team, but had little experience working with kickers and punters. I got in contact with Filip and he invited me down and allowed me to watch and learn at his Chicago camp. I would encourage any coach to attend and send their kickers and punters to one of Filip's camps. It was a great experience for me and very informative. The kids get great attention and the coaches do a great job of breaking down each kids strengths and weaknesses. The video sessions are very good, and in most cases for high school kids the first time they have ever been broken down on film, Filip is very good at giving positive feedback and addressing areas in need of improvement. All the coaches relate very well with the kids and do an awsome job of breaking down every aspect of the techniques and fundamentals needed. Definitely a great oppurtunity for anyone that is a kicker or punter. I highly recommend attending a camp.


Rob Jacobi

Concordia University Special Teams Coordinator