* Jack Olsen


Jack Olsen

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High SchoolLast Evaluated
2020 Kicker/PunterWheaton Warrenville South HS, IllinoisJuly 2018

Quick legged kicker/punter who gets the ball up in the air and down the field in a hurry. As a sophomore, Jack performed exceptionally at number of  kicking camps, finishing near the top of everyone’s rankings. He has a field goal range of 60+ yards off a 1-inch block. Punting mechanics look good for his age group. But in spite of needed improvement, he is still able to turn over most punts by utilizing his quick leg snap and connecting on the sweet spot consistently. It is hard to imagine Jack not being one of the top division 1 recruits as he matures.

  • Update 12/4/2018: Jack finished the season with 22 field goals – 11 of them were longer than 40 yards! He pretty much cleaned up on awards. Too many to list here.
  • Update 8/26/2018: Jack kicked 8 field goals in a single game. His only miss was a 52 yarder off the cross bar – going 8 for 9 while kicking off the ground.