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James Hayden

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High SchoolLast Evaluated
2019 PunterGalesburg HS, IllinoisJuly 2018

6’3″ Punter who has been training since he was a 12 year old kid. Lengthy athlete with good hands and drop. James is devoted to improving his skills and practices a lot. He shows very good consistency – hitting most of his punts clean with hang times of 4.5 seconds or above. His best hang times are in mid 4.7 second range. He still has lot of room to improve as he fills out his tall and thin frame. He is a great addition to any college team looking for a punter. He will be able to contribute immediately…but will improve power significantly and be a game changer once he packs on some muscle.


James Hayden at the Top Kicker in America event in July 2018