Top Prospects – Class of 2022


Class of 2022 Top Prospects


1. Rece Verhoff – 5★ Prospect Kicker/Punter, Ohio

Incredibly consistent kicker/punter from Ohio. In summer of 2020, Rece showed range to hit field goals from 60+ yards off a 1/2 inch block and ability to hit 65+  yard kickoffs with solid hang times. He has excellent mechanics and work habits. He will be a D1/D2 level prospect next year. TKIA 2020 VIDEO.


2. Brady Braun – 5★ Prospect Kicker/Punter, Indiana

Averaged over 50 yards per punt at the TKIA 2020 event. Continues to improve as he gains strength and improves skills. Field goal range is 55+ yards off the ground. TKIA 2020 VIDEO.


3. Tyler Perkins – 5★ Prospect Punter/Kicker, Ohio

Tyler hits punts with technique and power that resemble a D1 college punter, not a high school sophomore. One of the most disciplined and hardest working athletes in the country. Averaged 46 yards per punt during his junior season. He is a Division 1 scholarship level punter who will be offered a scholarship early. TKIA 2020 VIDEO


4. Evan Sundermann – 5★ Prospect Punter, Michigan

Outstanding young punter. Prior to starting his junior year, Evan showed up at our summer camp and bombed a bunch of 50+ yard punts with 4.5+ hang times. Tons of potential for this tall future division 1 punter. Twitter Link of a brief workout


5. David Nemeth – 5★ Kicker/Punter, Ohio

6’4″ athletic lefty combo. Already hits the ball well – averaging 60+ yard on kickoffs, showing 50+ yard FG range, and driving punts close to 50 yards with 4.5+ second hang times. As he develops skills and fills out his frame, he will be hard to keep up with. Future D1 prospect.


6. Luke Gustafson – 4 Kicker/Punter, Michigan

At the Top Kicker in America event in July 2020, Luke performed very consistently, averaging 62.25 yards per kickoffs with hang times of up to 3.7 seconds. He went 13/16 on field goals with long of 55, kicking off the ground. He is a motivated kickers who will continue to increase range as he becomes physically stronger. Since his junior year, Luke has improved his punting and will be able to punt in college as well.


7. Phillip Barnes – Kicker, Ohio

Showed excellent power on kickoffs and solid field goal mechanics off the ground at the Ohio Kicking Camp in December 2020.


8. Keegan McDermott – Kicker, Ohio

Crushed kickoffs at the Ohio Kicking Camp in December 2020 with most kicks in mid to upper 60 yard range. Smashes the ball aggressively on field goals and kickoffs. Lots of power and next level potential. When skills catch up to that power, special things will happen.


9. Adam Henderson – Kicker, Ohio

Kicker with excellent leg snap. At the Ohio Preseason Camp in July 2020, Adam showed up drastically improved since last year, with major power improvement. Field goal range is 52+ yards. Kickoffs were in mid to upper 60s. He still has lot of room to improve by smoothing out the steps. But power and athleticism are there already.


10. Nicholas West – Kicker, Ohio

Went 12/15 on FGs, with long of 52 and averaged 60 yards per kickoff at the Top Kicker In America Event in July 2020. Tall athlete with smooth mechanics who has lots of room to develop. Very impressive leg strength. Kickoffs will improve significantly as he matures.


11. Jake Andjelic – Kicker/Punter, Illinois

Explosive and focused kicker/punter with a wicked leg snap. Kickoffs are 60+ yards. Punts have 4.5+ second hang times. Continues to improve at a rapid rate. Shows potential to kick and punt in college. Twitter account.


12. Eddie Jewett – Kicker, Michigan

Shows range to hit field goals from 55+ yards off the ground. Explosive kicker/multisport athlete. Tons of potential. Will be a scholarship prospect as a senior.


13. Emanuel Dieppa – Kicker, Michigan

E-man was on at the Michigan Preseason Kicking Camp in August 2019 – 12/15 on FGs with long of 49 off a 1-inch block. He also averaged 56.25 yards on kickoffs. Tall and very smooth kicker. Looks like a veteran.


14. Michael Cunningham – Kicker, Illinois

Very very quick leg snap. At the Top Kicker In America Event in July 2020, Michael averaged 65.50 yards per kickoff with hang times of over 4 seconds. Once he cleans up his mechanics a bit, he will be a division 1 prospect.


15. Tony Johnson – Kicker/Punter, Indiana

Tall combo athlete who will continue to increase his distances as he adds more muscle to his 6’3″ frame. Currently shows good consistency on field goals with 50+ yard range off the ground. Kickoffs average around 60 yards. Tony shows lots of potential as a punter with smooth hand and drop. Best punt hang times are close to 5 seconds.


16. Bennett Emerson – Kicker, Iowa

Field goal range of 50+ yards off a 1-inch block. Kickoffs are close to 60. Continues to work hard and shows improvement at every event. TKIA 2020 VIDEO.


17. Spencer Leak III – Punter, Illinois

Punter/kicker who shows good power and hands, turning over high percentage of punts. Best punt hang times are in 4.5 second range. At the Michigan Preseason Kicking Camp in August 2020, he showed impressive consistency and stood out from the field of punters in attendance


18. Andrew Koi – Kicker, Michigan

Andrew is an athletic and powerful kicker who showed 60+ yard kickoffs and range to hit field goals from 50+ yards off the ground in February 2021.


19. David Smith – Kicker, Michigan

In August 2020, David showed excellent field goal mechanics and powerful leg. He has 50+ yard field goal range with kickoffs traveling around 60 yards. Foot position on field goals is clean, resulting into a straight, clean rotating kicks.


20. Brady Drzal – Kicker, Michigan

Fundamentally solid kicker. Hits a clean ball off the ground. Field goal range around 50 yards. Kickoffs are around 60.


21. Jack McDaniel – Kicker, Michigan

Ball jumps off his foot. Jack averaged around 60 yards per kickoff with good hang times at the Michigan Winter Camp.


22. Kevin Carden-Landa – Kicker, Illinois

While Kevin is pretty new to kicking, he showed very smooth approach and clean foot to ball contact on field goals. He went 10/15 on FGs with long of 50 yards in July 2020. As he continues to develop his skills, his range will continue to improve. TKIA 2020 VIDEO


23. Ryan Schroeder – Kicker, Illinois

Tall and experienced lefty kicker with range to connect from 50 yards out. Consistent approach and contact. Ryan has been practicing for several years and has achieved impressive consistency at young age. Kickoffs are in 60s.


24. Michael Franklin – Kicker, Ohio.

At the Tiffin camp in March 2020, recorded a 67 yard kickoff and shows range to hit FGs from 50+. Powerful kicker/punter who also plays quarterback. Because of his other responsibilities on the field, Michael looks like a great athlete who also kicks, not necessarily a polished kicker yet. Even so, he is at least a Division 2 college kicking prospect.


25. Miki Djankovic – Kicker, Indiana

During Chicago Preseason Kicking Camp in July 2020, Miki showed great athleticism and power developed through years of soccer. Kickoffs steps need improvement. Field goal range is near 55 yards. Lots of potential.


26. Ashton Lyon – Kicker, Iowa.

Smooth and athletic lefty kicker who put field goals down the middle of the goal post with ease – going 11/12 on field goals with long of 45, while averaging 55.75 yards per kickoff.