Top Prospects – Class of 2023


5★ – Future D1 college prospect

4★ – Future D2 college prospect

3★ – Future D3 college prospect

*Most of these athletes were evaluated during the off-season between their sophomore and junior high school seasons. They are far from a finished product. Their current evaluation and ranking is based on what we saw. With physical and skill development being uncertain at this age, only time will tell where they will be by the time that they are high school seniors.


Declan Duley – 5★ Kicker/Punter,  Illinois (Evaluated in April 2021)

Kickoffs are close to 70 yards prior to starting junior year in high school. Punting mechanics are excellent with great power. Declan is 6’2″ 220+ pounds and powerful. He is a mature, confident and hard working athlete. He will be one of the top high school kicker/punter prospects. Easy D1 scholarship decision.


Alexander Kasee – 5★ Kicker/Punter, Ohio (Evaluated in summer 2021)

Outstanding smoothness and efficiency with power to hit field goals from 55 yards out already. Excellent punting mechanics with great hands – hitting high percentage of spirals. Tall and lean kicker/punter who shows outstanding skills and work habits.


Emilio Duran – 5★ Kicker/Punter, Ohio (Evaluated in June 2021)

Excellent punter already – hitting highest hang times in 4.7+ second range. Solid kicker as well with 50+ yard field goal range and 60+ yard kickoffs. Motivated and serious athlete who will be a D1 prospect.


Tarik Ahmetbasic – 5★ Kicker/Punter, Michigan (Evaluated in January 2021)

Impressive power on this tall and athletic-built kicker. Sky is the ceiling. At the Michigan Winter Camp in January 2021, Tarik crushed field goals off the ground with consistency and power to hit from 60. Great ball rotation and height. Kickoffs are in the mid 60s. Tarik is fresh off the soccer field, where he is an accomplished athlete, and his swing is “soccerrish” at the moment. He will excel at whatever sport he chooses.


Clune Van Andel – 5★ Kicker, Michigan (Evaluated in December 2021)

Clune impressed with his power at the Michigan Winter Kicking Camp, winning the field goal competition with a 57 yard field goal off the ground with tons of height, after making 55 and 53 yard field goals with lots of distance to spare. Powerful kicker with soccer background who plants hard and swings hard. Kickoff steps need improvement. With improved steps, he will be averaging in 70s with 4+ second hang times easily.


Cordell Jones-McNally 4.5★ Kicker/Punter, Michigan (Evaluated in July 2021)

Talented young kicker who performed exceptionally at the Top Kicker event in July 2021. Cordell’s field goals were most impressive of three skills. He consistently hit high and straight kicks off the ground with rang to hit from 55+. Kickoffs average in mid 60s. Punting needs work. But he shows potential. Overall, with another year of polishing his skills, Cordell will be a solid division 1 prospect. TKIA Video from July 2021 


Nate Brinks – 4.5★ Kicker, Michigan (Evaluated in July 2021)

Kicker with good power and good frame to develop into a solid college performer. Showed power to hit field goals from 55 yards out off the ground and averaged 63 yards on kickoffs with good hang times in the summer before his junior season. By next summer, FGs should be near 60, and kickoffs close to 70 yards. TKIA Video from July 2021. 


Dawson Stine – 4.5★ Punter/Kicker, Iowa (Evaluated in July 2021)

Tall combo athlete with fast leg snap who will crush the ball as he grows into his 6’3″ frame. Kickoffs are in mid 60’s already. Punts are Dawson’s best skill. He shows excellent hand and consistency for the age group. Field goal range is in mid 50s with great foot to ball contact. TKIA Video from July 2021


Dominic Bjodstrup – 4★ Kicker, Wisconsin (Evaluated in March 2021)

All-Conference kicker as a freshman. Soccer player with a snappy leg. Shows range to hit field goals from 50 yards out. Ball jumps off his foot. Hard working kicker who kicks consistently and continues to improve rapidly.


Carson Essad – 4★ Kicker/Punter, Ohio (Evaluated in June 2021)

Fundamentally excellent kicker with solid power and excellent work ethic. Field goal range of 50 yards, kickoffs around 60 yards.


Jackson Trombley – 4★ Kicker/Punter, Ohio (Evaluated in March 2020)

Strong kicker with kickoffs in the mid 60s. Field goals are in 50+ range off the ground. Good athlete and a motivated kicker.


Kyle Walmer – 4★ Kicker, Illinois (Evaluated in July 2021)

Strong kicker who shows range to crush the FGs from 50+ yards out. Once Kyle finds consistent steps and smooths them out. He will be a solid D2 and above prospect.


Noah Koenig – 3.5★ Kicker, Indiana (Evaluated in June 2021)

Showed great power and foot to ball contact, kicking field goals off the ground at the Indiana Kicking Camp in June 2021. While Noah is new to kicking, he showed great natural ability to strike the ball hard and straight. With improved mechanics, distance and consistency will increase quickly. Currently, FG range is around 50. Kickoffs are in upper 50s.


Johnny Skwirblies – 3.5★ Kicker/Punter, Illinois (Evaluated in October 2020)

Johhny has been attending kicking camps since 8th grade, developing solid skills for few years already. He strikes field goals consistently, maintaining great posture, hitting a straight ball with range to hit from around 50 yards out.


Ryan Pimentel – 3★ Kicker, Indiana (Evaluated in April 2021)

Fundamentally solid kicker who hits field goals straight consistently. He went 8/10 on field goals at the Indiana Kicking Camp. Ryan’s current range is around 45 to 50 yards. Kickoffs average in upper 50s. As he gets stronger, range will improve.


Owen Halverson – 3★ Kicker, Illinois (Evaluated in February 2021)

Consistent kicker who hits field goals straight with range to connect from 45 to 50 yards. Owen just needs to get physically stronger in order to attract college interest.


Ryan Storter-Becker – 3★ Kicker, Iowa (Evaluated in April 2021)

Averaged 60 yards per kickoff and went 6/10 on field goals with a long of 47 yards in April 2021 – kicking on a field with deep grass.


Carson Beekman – 3★ Kicker, Michigan (Evaluated in July 2021)

Solid fundamentals and focused young kicker with range to connect on field goals from 45 yards out. Needs to get physically stronger in order to generate college interest.