Top Prospects – Class of 2021


1. Garrison Smith – 5★ Prospect Kicker/Punter, Ohio *COMMITTED TO OHIO STATE

Had a monster junior year with field goals of 50 and 53 yards, 4 more field goals of 40+ yards and continued his streak of 65 consecutive PATs. Added field goals of 54 yards and 57 yards in games as a senior (kicking off the ground). Excellent punter/kicker who has 60+ yard FG range off the ground and hits punts 50+ yards easily with 4.6+ second hang times. 70+ yard kickoffs with 4 second hang times and incredible consistency. D1 scholarship level specialist. TKIA Video – July 2020


2. Stephen Rusnak – 5★ Prospect Kicker/Punter, Michigan *COMMITTED TO UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA.

Averaged 70 yards per kickoff at the Top Kicker In America Event. Hits field goals well off the ground with range to hit from 60+. Solid punting – good hands, consistent drop and rhythm. D1 scholarship level specialist. TKIA VIDEO from July 2020


3. Arlind Bengu – 5★ Prospect Kicker/Punter, Ohio *COMMITTED TO LOISIANA TECH

One of the best combos in the country. Excellent in all three skills with punting being the strongest. Consistent with mechanics with top punts traveling 50+ yards with hang times near 5 seconds. D1 scholarship offers will come rolling. MAX PREPS. TKIA 2020 VIDEO


4. Mitchell Tomasek – 5★ Prospect Punter, Ohio *COMMITTED TO EASTERN MICHIGAN

Mitchell impressed everyone with his performances at the summer of 2019 kicking camps. 5 second hang times, multiple punts in a row with 4.7+ sec. hang times. 6’4″ lengthy frame. Easy decision for any college coach – division 1 scholarship punter. SKILLS VIDEO from 2019 TKIA.


5. Logan Seibert – 5★ Prospect Kicker/Punter, Illinois *COMMITTED TO UNIVERSITY OF AKRON

One of the best kickers in the country. Kickoffs over 70 yards. Crushes field goals off the ground with great height and rotation. He has been attending our camps since he was 12 year old. Received several D1 offers as of July 2020. Logan lives and trains with his older brother, Cleveland Browns kicker Austin Seibert.


6. Aidan Ellison – Kicker, Illinois *COMMITTED TO ARKANSAS STATE

Powerful kicker who consistently hits kickoffs around 70 yards with 4 second hang times. Field goal range around 60 yards off the ground. Ball jumps off his foot. D1 prospect. TKIA VIDEO from July 2020.


7. Yanni Volas – Kicker/Punter, Ohio *COMMITTED TO JOHN CARROLL U.

Strong kicker/punter who can do field goals, kickoffs and punts at college level. Very competitive, motivated and focused athlete. Ready to play at college level. Kickoffs in upper 60s. Field goal range close to 60 off the ground. Solid punting. Can do all 3 at big time college. TKIA VIDEO from July 2020


8. Shelby Pruett – Punter, Illinois *COMMITTED TO COLGATE

Athletic punter with solid mechanics and quick leg snap. At the Top Kicker In America Event, averaged over 50 yards per punt with two 60+ yarders with 4.6+ second hang times. Best hang times are over 4.8 sec. Division 1 punting prospect. TKIA 2020 Video



Athletic kicker. Ball jumps off his foot. Shows field goal range of 60 yards off the ground with good consistency. Lot of potential. Plays other sports and multiple positions on the football field. He will truly stand out once he focuses fully on kicking.


10. Collyn Hopkins – Kicker/Punter, Illinois *COMMITTED TO SAN DIEGO STATE

Tall and athletic. Hits the balls exceptionally well in all three skills. Field goals and kickoffs are high, strong, and consistent. Collyn has been performing exceptionally at all camps in spring/summer of 2020. Division 1 talent combo athlete. HUDL


11. Andre Sallade – Kicker, Indiana *COMMITTED TO INDIANA WESLEYAN

At the Michigan Preseason Camp in August 2020, Andre was impressive, showing outstanding consistency on field goals with monster height and clean rotation, kicking off the ground, showing range to hit field goals from 55+. He is athletic and powerful kicker who is ready to start at college level immediately.


12. Teagen Lenderink – Kicker/Punter, Michigan *COMMITTED TO NORTH CAROLINA

College level performer in all three skills. Good mechanics, excellent power. Focused and impressive. Division 1 scholarship level kicker/punter. HUDL . CAMP PUNT VIDEO


13. Ryan Heicher – Kicker/Punter, Michigan *COMMITTED TO SAGINAW VALLEY

Good mechanics in all three skills. Can do field goals, kickoffs and punts at college level. Highest punt hang times in 4.8 second range. Kickoffs are close to 70 with 3.8+ second hang times. Field goals are in mid 50s off the ground with good rotation. TKIA VIDEO from July 2020.


14. Jax Hudson – Kicker, Ohio *COMMITTED TO TIFFIN

Hard working athlete who has range to hit field goals off the ground from 55 yards. Consistent approach and swing. Will add even more distance to his kicks as he gains physical strength. SKILLS VIDEO from TKIA.


15. Nate Van Zelst – Kicker/Punter, Illinois *COMMITTED TO WISCONSIN

Three year varsity starter. 17 field goals in games as sophomore. Career long 49 yard FG as a junior. Excellent in all three skills. Great athlete. Competitive and focused. Received scholarship offers in the spring 2020. D1 scholarship level specialist. HUDL


16. Brady Frantal – Kicker, Wisconsin *COMMITTED TO WISCONSIN EAU-CLAIRE

Soccer player who has been kicking for only 1 year. Shows power to hit kickoffs 65+ yards with 3.8+ second hang times. Will continue to add power and improve consistency as he matures and gains more experience. TKIA VIDEO from JULY 2020.


17. Jack Dummer – Kicker, Illinois *COMMITTED TO WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER

Quick legged kicker who has been working on his skills since the middle school, hitting his stride in the summer before his senior year. Consistent kickoffs, averaging mid 60s with hang times around 4 seconds. 50+ yard field goal range with clean rotation and great height.


18. Cody Maddock – Punter/Kicker, Illinois

Tall and strong punter/kicker who shows ability to perform well in all three skills. Punting is Cody’s best skill. He has a consistent drop and power to hit hang times of over 4.5 seconds. TKIA VIDEO from JULY 2020


19. Nathan Barnes – Kicker, Iowa *COMMITTED TO PERU STATE

Powerful kicker. Ball launches off his foot and wows everyone around. He gets monster height on field goals and kickoffs. TKIA VIDEO from July 2020


20. Carson McCauley – Punter/Kicker, Indiana *COMMITTED TO JACKSONVILLE STATE

Shows lot of potential as a punter with solid mechanics and explosive leg. Best punts reach hang times of 4.7+ seconds. He will be a solid punter at the college level.


21. Chase Reeves – Kicker, Illinois

Averaged 66.50 yards per kickoff in July 2020. 55 yard FG range. Young class of 2021 kicker who shows rapid improvement and great feel for the skill. Short VIDEO CLIP


22. Sam Bingaman – Kicker/Punter, Ohio *COMMITTED TO OBERLIN COLLEGE

Combo athlete from Ohio. Averages around 40 yards on punts with 4.2 – 4.4 second hang times. 50 yard FG range off the ground. Kickoffs are mid 60s with hang times around 3,5 seconds. TKIA 2020 VIDEO



Averaged almost 60 yards per kickoff at the Top Kicker In America Event. Excellent mechanics. Clean foot to ball contact on field goals and kickoffs. Hits a straight ball consistently on field goals. TKIA VIDEO from JULY 2020HUDL


24. Nickolai Emde – Kicker, Michigan

New to kicking, Nickolai still strikes the ball cleanly on field goals off the ground. Very smooth and steady FG approach and swing. He went 11/15, with long of 52 yards at the Top Kicker In America Event in July 2020. TKIA 2020 VIDEO


25. Alex Wing – Kicker/Punter, Illinois *COMMITTED TO ROCHESTER U.

Fast improving kicker/punter. Kickoffs are near 60 yards with hang times in 3.8 second range. 50 yard field goal range off the ground. Solid hands and consistent drop on punts. TKIA VIDEO from JULY 2020


26. Matthew Noguez – Kicker, Illinois *COMMITTED TO ILLINOIS WESLEYAN

Very consistent performer. Makes a clean contact with the ball every time, hitting a true straight ball. Shows ability to hit field goals from 50 yards off the ground. Matt is a focused athlete/soccer player with great work ethic. TKIA 2020 VIDEO


27. Matthew LeBlanc – Kicker/Punter, Michigan

Went 10/11 on field goals with long of 52 yards off the ground and averaged 57.50 yards on kickoffs in December 2019. Also showed excellent punting mechanics/power. Matt has ability to kick and punt at college level.


28. Marlon Pomili – Kicker, Illinois *COMMITTED TO MARIAN UNIVERSITY

Fast improving young kicker. Great mechanics. 50+ yard range off the ground in July 2020. SKILLS VIDEO from TKIA 2019. HUDL.


29. Joren Klem – Kicker, Ohio

Motivated kicker who has been making big strides within the last year, showing power to hit 50 yard field goals off the ground. Kickoffs average around 60. All District honors.


30. Tommy Gebien – Kicker, Illinois

50 yard FG range off the ground. Averaged over 58.50 yards on kickoffs. Athletic kicker. HUDL.


31. Mitch Middleton – Kicker/Punter, Ohio

Tall and very very powerful athlete. Smashes the ball without bringing any momentum into kicks – all leg swing. With improved skills, sky is the limit for Mitch. CAMP VIDEO


32. Ryan Gerkin – Kicker, Illinois

Quick leg punter. Ball jumps off his foot. Averages around 40 yards per punt with hang times in 4.0 – 4.4 second range.


33. Logan Zissler – Kicker, Michigan

Logan went 8/15 on field goals, with long of 50 yards at the Top Kicker In America event in July 2020. He averaged 60 yards per kickoff at the same event.


34. Chase Paulus – Kicker/Punter, Michigan

Excellent game performer. Experienced and consistent kicker with strong leg. HUDL


35. Kadin Patterson – Kicker, Michigan

Averaged 55.25 yards per kickoff in December 2019 and had a long field goal of 50 yards.