Young Prospects

Young Prospects

From the college exposure and recruiting standpoint, there is no need to evaluate or rank anyone who is a high school sophomore or younger. Kickers and punters are not done growing. They are not done getting physically stronger. They are not done developing their skills. And to be honest, a college coach who does not know where he will be next year, does not care about how good any sophomore or freshman kicker is.

But, at our kicking camps, we come across young kickers and punters who perform exceptionally well compared to their peers. We want to share their performances and acknowledge their successes.


Tyler O’Connor (’23) Kicker, Illinois

Tyler finished at the top of the very talented class of ’23 group at the Illinois Kicking Camp – hitting a 49 yard field goal off the ground and averaging 53 yards per kickoff.


Jackson Trombley (’23) Kicker/Punter, Ohio

Blew away everyone watching with exceptional athleticism and consistency at the Ohio Winter Kicking Camp in December 2019. 11/13 on field goals – kicking off the ground. Averaged 53.25 yards per kickoff.


Matthew Diaz (’23) Kicker, Illinois

Matthew went 10/10 on field goals off the ground, long of 42. He also averaged 50 yards per kickoff at the Illinois Winter Kicking Camp in February 2020.


Carson Essad (’23) Kicker/Punter, Ohio

Freshman kicker who kicks with skills and power of an experienced varsity kicker. Polished mechanics, field goal range of 45+ yards, kickoffs in mid 50s.


Emilio Duran (’23) Kicker/Punter, Michigan

Impressed staff and campers with leg strength and consistency as an 8th grader at the Michigan camp in May of 2019. Nearly perfect on field goals with 50 yard range. Kickoffs in mid 50s and punts in mid 30s.


Shaun Morse (’23) Kicker, Ohio

Using a 1 inch block, Shaun went 10/13 with longest field goal of 45. 51 yards per kickoff during the Illinois Winter Kicking Camp in February 2020.


Declan Duley (’23) Kicker,  Illinois

Averaged 57.25 yards per kickoff at the Illinois Winter Kicking Camp in February 2020.


Dominic Bjodstrup (’23) Kicker, Wisconsin

All-Conference kicker as a freshman. Soccer player with a snappy leg. Shows range to hit field goals from 50 yards out already. Ball jumps off his foot.


Anthony Markovski (’24) Kicker. Michigan

Anthony went 11/13 on field goals with long of 42, while averaging 45 yards per kickoff, at the Michigan Winter Event. Not bad for an 8th grader.