Filip Filipovic


Coach Filipovic is the owner and the head coach of The Kicking Coach. Since starting the company in 2007, he has been coaching kickers from all levels of football…from NFL pro bowl kickers to young kickers learning the fundamentals of kicking. He started kicking in 1993 and went from high school kicker to college kicker, to an NFL kicker. During his 30 years in the world of kicking, he made many connections with college and NFL coaches. Coaching kickers and punters is what he was born to do – growing up playing soccer and attending competitive tennis academies, kicking at all levels of football, and obtaining a degree in education. Coach Filipovic’s coaching method is based on getting to know athletes and their tendencies, guiding them to become more efficient with their kicking and their training, and continue to push them until they become their best self.

” My passion is pursuit of greatness. What I learned from my personal journey is that there are infinite ways that an athlete can gain an edge and reach an elite level. Opportunities to do things a little better are everywhere. You can start thinking in a way that will make yourself mentally tougher. You can learn how to compete better. You can always train harder and smarter. You can rest better. Essentially, an athlete that commits himself to a relentless pursuit of kicking greatness will find a way to improve, and his journey will always be a successful one. ” Coach Filipovic

austin seibert the kicking coach

Austin Seibert


Austin has been part of The Kicking Coach family since age of 14. He has been one of the hardest workers and most consistent kickers in the country since he started kicking – progressing to become the top high school kicker in the country, 4-year starter at Oklahoma University, and rookie All NFL team for Cleveland Browns.

KC Lopata


University of Michigan starting kicker. Graduated in 2010. KC has been an outstanding staff member since 2009. He brings with him Big 10 kicking experience and a degree in education. At our camps, you will hear KC’s voice more than anyone else. He tirelessly encourages and coaches all kickers – regardless of how much or how little experience they have. He also runs his own kicking events in southeast Michigan.

Zoltan Mesko


NFL Punter – Patriots, Steelers; University of Michigan. Finished 2011 NFL season 3rd in net punting average! Starting punter for New England as a rookie in 2010. First specialist drafted in 2010 NFL Draft. Top rated NFL punting prospect from 2010 college class. Very personable and smart athlete who has been helping the TKC camps since 2007. Watch Zoltan punt the ball out of the stadium in this spoof promotional video –

Greg Zuerlein


Jets, Dallas Cowboys, LA Rams; Missouri Western University. As a senior in college in 2011, Greg went 23/24 on field goals with 9/9 on field goals of over 50 yards! Arguably the best season that any college kicker has EVER had. Every year he ranks in the top 5 kickers in the NFL. Selected to Pro Bowl in 2017. He hit a 57 yard field goal in overtime against the Saints to send Rams to Super Bowl. Greg’s practice video from one of our events –

brad robbins kicking coach

Brad Robbins


Bengals, University of Michigan. We met Brad when he was a high school junior at the Ohio Kicking Camp in Youngstown, OH. He earned a scholarship to University of Michigan where he was a 4-year starter. He was drafted by Bengals in 2023 and won the starting job in September 2023. Brad coaches at our Ohio camps and at Top Kicker In America Event.

Ryan Donahue


Former NFL Punter – Detroit Lions. University of Iowa. Top rated college specialist from the 2011 college class (rated by Mel Kiper Jr.). Ray Guy Award finalist in 2010 and 2011 (top college punter in the nation). Ryan has exceptional leg strength and mechanics. Finished high school career with 5 field goals over 50 yards which earned him the honor of being named to the 1st team USA TODAY All-American. We first met Ryan as a high school sophomore in 2005.

Thomas Kinney

kicker thomas kinney

Zach Paul

punter zach paul

Stephen Rusnak

…and more Kicking Coaches 


Stephen Rusnak – Michigan State kicker, former TKC camper since 2019. Stephen shows great passion for kicking. He is a very active coach who also works with kickers on his own in central Michigan. Stephen usually helps out with Michigan and Indiana kicking camps.


Thomas Kinney – Thomas has been part of The Kicking Coach since 2008. He was an outstanding high school student, division 1 scholarship kicker and a 4-year starter at Southern Illinois University. Since graduating in 2015, he has been kicking regularly, trying to break into the NFL, and coaching young kickers. He has won numerous staff competitions at our events, beating out NFL and top college kickers.


Garrison Smith – Class of ’26 kicker from McNeese State University. Garrison has been attending our camps since 8th grade, showing unmatched passion for kicking. As a starting kicker in 2022, he missed only 1 field goal and earned Freshman All-American honors. In high school, Garrison had multiple 50+ yard field goals, playing for Norwalk HS in Ohio.


Zach Paul – Zach first attended one of our short clinics in 2009 as a high school freshman, stating that he will “kick in college”. He did – earning a scholarship to University of Akron and starting there for 4 years. Since graduating, he attended camps with Jaguars and Browns. He is training full time in pursuit of the NFL. Our campers have a chance to watch Zach hit some monster punts during staff demonstrations – with highest hang times reaching 5.5 second range.


Josh Brebant – Josh is a former kicker for Northern Illinois University and Tiffin University. He is currently a strength coach and a kicking coach – training kickers and punters in Akron, Ohio. Coming out of high school, Josh was one of the top high school kickers in the country – hitting 65 yard field goals off the ground, and 75 yard kickoffs. Check out his high school skills video HERE .


Tyler Perkins – Iowa State Punter, class of 2026. Tyler attended our first camp as an 8th grader. He worked his way to becoming one of the top punters in the country and earning a scholarship to Iowa State. He won the starting job as a true freshman and averaged 42.4 yards per punt.


Danny Colapietro – former kicker for Concordia College in Illinois. Since college, Danny has become a certified strength coach, specializing in developing kicking specific functional strength. Using himself as a lab rat, Danny was able to increase his field goal range by 5 to 7 yards after he graduated college and stopped actively kicking. His expertise is immensely valuable to young kickers who are navigating skill and strength development in the world of kicking, where athletes are left to their own devices to figure out how to succeed. Check out Danny’s 4-week kicker specific workout protocol HERE.