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Kicker drills and punter drills are the fastest and most efficient ways to reach one’s greatness. Skills and power that you see older kickers demonstrate is just a finished product that emerged after years of kicking and drill work. Perfecting your kicking and punting skills comes down to taking notice of how you are currently kicking, comparing your form to someone who is an expert at that skill, and then mindfully practicing in an effort to close that gap until you become an expert. It will take years and thousands of repetitions and kicks to achieve. But it really is as simple as that.

You will see these drills and many others executed at all of our kicking camps.

Kickoff Foot Position

Rotating kicking foot at contact when kicking off results into more distance and consistency on kicks. In addition to improved outcome, proper foot position increases kicking endurance and minimizes injuries.

Punt Snap Handling

Catching the snap efficiently and handling a football quickly is what every consistent punter does. Powerful leg is useless unless hands can deliver the sweet spot of the ball to the foot quickly enough.

Punt Drop Drill

Dropping a ball to be punted well means getting the three parts right – 1. drop quality (ball tilt and angle), 2. distance from the body and placement over the kicking leg, 3. timing of the ball release.

Field Goal Contact Drill

Hitting a pad is an easy drill that can be performed anywhere that will improve your foot to ball contact, and overall body posture and rigidity at contact.

Punt Contact Drill

Punting a pad is a very effective way to increase your foot speed and train your body to meet the ball at the proper height with good foot position.

Field Goal Tap Drill

Proper foot to ball contact is the foundation of everything that you will learn as a kicker. This simple drill is something that 100% of NFL kickers do as a part of their warm up.

Punt Steps Drill

Punt steps need to be fluid and just the right length. Find the comfortable step length for your body, mark them off, and go through the stepping pattern over and over again. It will increase the amount of power that you will generate. Long and/or off-balance steps are common in young punters.

Contact for FG/Kickoffs

You don’t even need a football to continue improving and become an excellent kicker. A soccer ball, few yards of space, net, and a focused mind is all you need to clean up the mechanics and add yards to your football field goals and kickoffs.

Field Goal Steps

Your field goal steps need to have the same length, and be taken at the same speed every time. Practice your steps over and over without kicking a ball until they become easy, smooth and automatic.

Kicker Exercises

Functional strength training exercises for kickers. Goal is to develop strength, balance, and joint stability.

Full Kicker Workout

Several simple strength training exercises for kickers and punters. Add weight to make exercises challenging. Most importantly, use correct form.

Kicker BW Exercises

6 bodyweight exercises that every kicker should be doing every day. Aim for 60 seconds per exercise at your own pace (not too fast) with 1 minute rest in between. Add light weights or stand on unstable surface for increased difficulty.