Kicking Camp Results

Kicking Camp Results

December 2019 to August 2020 Kicking Camp Results


At every kicking camp we evaluate kickers and punters through our standardized testing protocol.

Field Goals

Kickers attempt 10 field goals from different spots. Those who make 7 or more earn bonus kicks from farther distances.


Kickers attempt 5 kickoffs. Only top 4 are used to calculate the kickoff average.


Punters attempt 12 punts total – 6 in each direction. Top 10 punts are used for average. Punting is charted only at outdoor events from May until August.

Class of 2021 and Older


Mitch Middleton11/115261.75
Garrison Smith10 / 125562.50
Matthew LeBlanc10/115257.50
Teagen Lenderink10/105065.00
Kaleb Kindsvatter ('20)9/105262.75
Yanni Volas9 / 125259.25
Jeremy Taras8/105260.50
Clayton Medvec8 / 105060.75
Kadin Patterson8/105055.25
Arlind Bengu 7 / 105052.75
Logan Zissler7/104556.50
Will Ozdych7/104555.75
Brock Weiser7 / 104549.25
Stephen Rusnak6/105064.00
Sam Bingaman6 / 10 4556.25
Luke Lytle6 / 104555.75
Caden Plaxton6/104552.75
Christopher Curry6/104552.50
Emory Roberts6/104051.50
Rasmus Andersen5/104558.50
Francis Cesta ('20)5 / 104558.50
Bennet Smihal5/104550.25
Luke Warren5/104051.50
Jordan Svetz5 / 104045.75
Jonathan Stanislo4 / 104057.25
Cody Fick ('19)4/104054.50
Joren Clem4 / 104050.00
Nick Cuppage4 / 1045NA
Exauce Tshioyaka4/104050.75
Dan Donovan ('19)2 / 104056.75
Dalton Hageman ('19)3/103550.00
Kyle DeRemer ('20)2 / 104046.75
Christian Cosa0 / 10045.25
Cameryn Suitcliffe0/10028.50
Cody Slater0 / 10027.25


Class of 2022


Luke Gustafson8/104549.25
Alec Markley7/104557.25
Brady Drzal7/104549.00
Connor Stuchal6/104759.50
Carson DeLong6/104756.75
Eric Rogers6/104543.25
William Hryszko6/1042NA
Emmanuel Velasco6/104046.00
Adam Henderson5/104256.00
Robby Smart5/104553.25
David Good4/104046.00
Myles Lab4/104245.00
Noah Bartczak4/104244.50
Tyler Perkins5/104554.25
Alec Milley5/104249.50
Wyatt Greenlees4/104043.00
Andrew Filippis3/104249.00
Spencer Leak3/104044.25
Luke Kooy3/103848.00
Chris Chamberlain2/103550.25
Giovanni LaBella2/103041.75
Justin Chenoweth2/103041.50
Brendan Hunt1/103039.50


Class of 2023


Jackson Trombley11/134553.25
Carson Essad9/104052.25
Austin Herald7/104244.50
Elijah Theisen7/104241.25
Karter Ribble5/104043.75
Evan Raymond5/104040.50
Jackson Burkholder4/104045.25
Zachary Jones4/104043.00
Mitchell Roberts3/103546.00
Trent Janose3/103542.00
Griffin Nowak3/103538.00
Peyton Huffman3/103040.50
Aaron Stalker2/103541.75
Dallas Gerhart2/103540.50
Ty Martinchek1/103033.50


Class of 2024 and younger


Anthony Markovski11/134245.00
Brian Peterson11/124038.50
Jacob Daugherty10/123745.25
Luc Damiani9/113745.00
Isaiah Armstrong9/113738.50
Mateo Di Sanza9/103540.25
Maddox Grimes8/103036.75
Nick Strecker8/103033.50
Rory Schoenborn8/103030.25
Aidan Becker7/103027.50
Aidan Anderson6/103038.50
Jacob Meager6/103038.00
Kai Jensen6/103036.25
Jack Dinwiddie5/102531.50
Jaron Edmonds5/103030.67
Ethan Hasting3/102030.75
Spencer Berkeypile2/102026.50
Chris Willavize2/103031.25
Logan Goodrick0/10030.75
Abigail Berman0/10022.50
Lucas Seedorf0/10022.00

December 2019 to August 2020 Kicking Camp Results





Class of 2020

King of the mountain: Damian Chowaniec – 12/14, long 57 (off the ground). Damian has been attending our kicking camps since middle school. He has been perfect or near perfect every year.

Class of 2021

King of the mountain: Logan Seibert – 12/13, long 52 (off the ground). Logan has been coming to our kicking camps since middle school. He finished at the top of his class last year.

Class of 2022

King of the mountain: Emanuel Dieppa – Exceptionally smooth and consistent kicker from Michigan. “E-man” went 12 for 14 on field goals with a long of 49. He also averaged 56.25 yards on kickoffs.

Class of 2023 and younger

King of the mountain at the moment: Emilio Duran  – 14/15, long 47. (1-inch block), 52.50 yards per kickoff. Emilio impressed staff and campers with his consistency, power and maturity. He performed exceptionally in all three skills. Big things are ahead for this young kicker.



Punting Charts – 2019 Off Season

Top Punting performer – Class of 2022 and older: Mitchell Tomasek – Class of 2021 Punter. Tall and smooth punter who turned over most punts in both direction. Most hang times are in 4.5 to 5.0 second range.

Top Punting performer – Class of 2023 and younger: Emilio Duran – Emilio showed excellent rhythm and ability to connect with the ball cleanly even when drop was not ideal. Averaging 34.1 yards per punt in middle school is very impressive.




Logan Seibert; now and when we first met him. Logan is one of the top kickers in the country from the class of 2021. He first attended the Illinois Kicking Camp in Pekin as a 12-old, posing with NFL kicker Derek Dimke.