College Exposure



Step 1. We chart you, evaluate you, and coach you
Step 2. We rank you against other specialists in your class.
Step 3. We communicate with college coaches and match you up with schools in need.

  • HUGE CONGRATS TO CLASS OF 2021 ATHLETES FROM THE KICKING COACH FAMILY WHO ARE MOVING ON TO KICK IN COLLEGE!!! Garrison Smith – Michigan State, Mitchell Tomasek – Eastern Michigan, Shelby Pruett – Colgate, Stephen Rusnak – South Dakota, Teagen Lenderink – North Carolina, Logan Seibert – Akron, Yanni Volas – John Carroll U., Jack Dummer – Wisconsin-Whitewater, Clayton Medvec – Youngstown, Collyn Hopkins – San Diego State, Jax Hudson – Tiffin, Ryan Heicher – Saginaw Valley, Carson McCauley – Jacksonville State, Alex Wing – Rochester U., Arlind Bengu – Louisiana Tech, Nate Van Zelst – Wisconsin, Matt Noguez – Illinois Wesleyan, Nathan Barnes – Peru State, Marlon Pomili – Marian University, Ivan Shuran – Williams College, Andre Sallade – Indiana Wesleyan, Brady Frantal – Wisconsin Eau-Claire, Sam Bingaman – Oberlin, Tanner Pope – Otterbein,…more commitments coming.

College Exposure Facts for Specialists:

1. Kicker recruiting process goes through kicking camps/coaches. This was not the case fifteen years ago. But these days, kicker who does not work with a well-connected kicking coach, gets overlooked. College coaches are busy. Instead of going through hundreds of highlight videos, they prefer to simply contact a kicking coach and ask for top prospects. It saves them time and it ensures that kickers who they are recruiting are pre-approved.

2. Regardless of how many camps you attend, and how much money you spend on your kicking coach, you still need to be very good in order to get a scholarship. You have to prove your skills by kicking well in games and at college camps that you attend.

3. If you are a late bloomer, you may have to walk-on and earn a scholarship. I often see athletes who are on the verge of becoming great kickers. But it doesn’t happen early enough to warrant a scholarship offer. Colleges are looking for a complete package when they decide to offer a scholarship – strong leg with solid mechanics. Walking-on (being invited to join a team without getting athletic money) is a good way to get your foot in the door. Once you are on a team, if you outkick the other guys, you win a scholarship. One word of caution about walking on: do not go to a school that scholashipped a kicker out of your graduating class, or the class right before you. They will favor the scholarshipped kicker and it will not be a fair competition for the starting job.   

4. Every kicking coach has different strenghts and does things a bit differently. Unlike mega camps that see thousands of athletes, we see only about 500 athletes annually. This means that we do not have as many college prospects to offer to schools. But the positive side is that athletes who are good enough to kick in college find themselves ranked a lot higher on our short list that we send to college coaches. As an athlete, you should attend both mega camps, where you will get ranked nationally and see how you stack up against a large field of kickers; and smaller events like ours where you will get coached, advised, and accurately evaluated. We know all of our athlete very well and we make personal referrals to college coaches.

Emails received from College Coaches

“Thanks for the e-mails.
We have been in contact with a few of your prospects and will be pursuing them further.
Thanks again.”

– Matt Yoches
  Grand Valley Football
  1 Campus Dr. Allendale, MI 49401
  (616) XXX – XXXX

Thanks for the e-mail and video.  Looks like he hits the ball pretty well.

– Nolan R. Jones
  Director of Football Operations

  Northwestern University
  Nicolet Football Center
  1501 Central Street
  Evanston, IL 60208
  (847) 491-XXXX Office
  (847) 491-XXXX Fax

*The Kicking Coach Alum Hunter Niswander, Class of 2013 K/P, accepted a scholarship to Northwestern in June 2012. Currently punting for the Dallas Cowboys.

“Hi Filip,
I was wondering if I could give you a call sometime and we could discuss potential kickers and punters.  We will be taking a scholarship punter and kicker this year.  What is the best number to reach you at?

– Tom Burpee
  Special Teams Coordinator / TE Coach     
  Eastern Michigan University