Kicking Camps


*all kicking camp registrations are open.

the kicking coach greg zuerlein greg zuerlein trophy

“I really believe in what Filip is doing and his techniques that he’s teaching these kids, so if I can help them learn a little something, as well as learn something myself, I think it’s a win-win” Greg Zuerlein, NY Jets, Pro-Bowl Kicker.

  • The Kicking Coach kicking camps are based out of Chicago and take place throughout the midwest all year around.
  • Athletes have an opportunity to work with NFL and college kickers and punters in a structured setting with low coach to camper ratio. There is usually 1 coach coach per 7 athletes at every event. That ratio is closer to 1 to 5  at spring and summer events.
  • In addition to individual skill development for all who attend, we evaluate high school sophomore, junior and senior athletes for college prospect referrals.
  • Preferred age range for our kicking camps is 12-18, with most athletes being in the 14-16 age range. We accept kickers who are younger or older than the preferred age. But please contact coach Filipovic before registering to make sure that it is the right environment for the athlete.
  • College kickers and punters are encouraged to train in one-on-one setting where they will receive more individualized training necessary for higher-level athletes.
  • At our 2024 Kicking Camps, you will see familiar, experienced kicking coaches working with kickers and punters in a small group setting at the same facilities that we have been using for over 15 years.