Demonstration Videos


The Kicking Coach staff and alumni videos were filmed at our kicking camps or at individual training sessions with athletes. Everyone should watch more experienced kicker and punter videos and try to figure out the differences between their own kicking mechanics and theirs. While most specialists have their own unique kicking style, almost everyone at the NFL level kicks the same way.

Staff Demo Kicks from Top Kicker In America Event - July 2020

All Big 10 punter from Michigan Brad Robbins, Cincinnati Bengals Kicker Austin Seibert and Dallas Cowboys Kicker Greg Zuerlein demonstrate their impressive skills and power at the Top Kicker In America Invitational College Showcase Event.

Staff Demo Kicks - Ohio Summer Camp at Ashland U. - July 2017

80-yard kickoff and 5+ second hang times on punts. Former NFL punter Zoltan Mesko and NFL free agent Punter/Kickoff specialist Zach Paul kicking

Riley Patterson - Jacksonville Jaguars - April 2023

Riley Patterson is a very accurate NFL kicker. During these training sessions we worked on making his kickoff approach more efficient and consistent so that he can generate more power with controlled momentum.

Jake Elliott - Philadelphia Eagles Kicker - filmed when Jake was a high school senior

You want to see a 155-pound, 17-year old kid smash 70+ yard kickoffs? Watch this video. Few years later…NFL Superbowl Winner!

Greg Zuerlein Long Practice Kicks - 71 yard FG attempt

Greg Zuerlein, “Greg The Leg” does not practice field goals like the rest of the us. He has to kick from 60+ yards away to avoid kicking the ball into parking lots, runners, women and children, etc. Here are few kicks that we filmed over the years.

Illinois Camp Staff Competition - NFL and College Kickers

NFL and College Kickers compete during staff demo. Thomas Kinney, TKC Alum since 2008, wins with a 67-yard field goal.

Mike Meyer - NFL - Class of 2014 University of Iowa Kicker - Filmed in April 2014

Mike Meyer showing impressive power and smooth swing. Between 2014 and 2018, Mike was signed by Titans, Falcons, and Bucs.

Greg Zuerlein - LA Rams Kicker - Filmed in March 2012

Greg Zuerlein, 1st specialist drafted in 2011 NFL draft, kicking during the staff demo at Iowa kicking camp at William Penn University.

Austin Signor - Chicago Bears 2013 - filmed in 2012

Austin Signor held the longest staff competition winning streak in our camp history – going undefeated for almost two years. This was filmed at our Winter Ohio Kicking Camp.

John Potter - Buffallo Bills 2012 - filmed in 2012

Watch these impressive mechanics and kicks. Video contains many helpful kicking tips. John always stood out with his incredible kickoffs due to his excellent posture and consistent steps.

Derek Dimke - Detroit Lions 2012 - Univ. of Illinois - filmed in 2010

These field goal mechanics are outstanding. Derek was a 4-year starter at University of Illinois. He played for 4 NFL teams afterwards. He started attending our kicking camps at age 15 and became one of our top staff members in 2010.

Billy Cundiff - Baltimore Ravens - filmed in 2011 - two weeks after Billy played in Pro Bowl

Billy Cundiff was one of our best staff members from 2008 until 2016. In 2010 Billy set the all time NFL kickoff touchback record and was named to NFL Pro-Bowl kicker. Smooth and incredibly efficient is how people describe Billy’s kicking form.

Ryan Donahue - Punter - Detroit Lions - filmed in 2009

Ryan Donahue shows great hands, consistent drop, and excellent contact height with the ball and leg extension. Listen to the solid thud that his foot makes with the ball every single time. Ryan has been part of our kicking camps since 2005.

Zoltan Mesko - Punter - New England Patriots - filmed in 2009

Zoltan Mesko punting as a college sophomore. Outstanding punting form – straight steps, straight swing, holds on to the ball long time, and makes clean contact with the ball every time. All-American punter who was the first specialist drafted in 2010 NFL draft.

Kenny Debauche - Punter - Univ. of Wisconsin '08 - filmed in 2008

One of the most beautiful punting forms that you will ever see. Smooth, controlled and compact steps with a quick and straight leg swing. Kenny was All-American punter at Wisconsin and attended a training camp with Green Bay packers.