Top Prospects – Class of 2025


Nikola Dugandzic

evaluated in fall ’23

Impressive tall combo athlete who shows mental maturity and college ready strength and ability already. 70 yard kickoffs, booming punts, clean field goals. Collected his first D1 scholarship offer in June 2023.

Caden VanHuis

evaluated in December ’23

Caden is a rapidly improving athlete who connected on a 60 yard field goal off the ground at the indoor Michigan Kicking Camp in December of 2023. He went 13 for 14 on field goals on that day while averaging 65 yards per kickoff. Look to Caden to be consistent from 60+ on field goals and average over 70 on kickoffs by this summer.

Anthony Ruggles

evaluated in December ’23

Anthony was impressive on field goals, going 12/13 with long of 57 off the ground. He averaged 62 yards per kickoff. Mechanics are clean and kicks are high and straight. Solid college kicking prospect.

Alan Perez

evaluated in January ’24

Watching Alan kick, everyone can see that ball jumps off his foot. He shows ability to hit 60 yard field goals and 70 yard kickoffs with a little more work on his steps. At the Illinois Kicking Camp, he went 9/10 on field goals with long of 50, kicking off the ground.

Hudson Pollock

evaluated in December ’23

Crushed the ball with great consistency at the Ohio Kicking Camp in June 2023. 12/12 on field goals with long of 50 yards off the ground. Averaged 63 yards per kickoff. Lean athlete who will smash the ball as he adds weight to his lengthy frame.

Treyton McKee

evaluated in December ’23

Kicker with quick leg. Averaged upper 60 on kickoffs at several camps with best kicks traveling 70+ yards. Treyton gets great height on field goals. Needs to polish up his mechanics a bit in order to be a more consistent performer. We are expecting him to be ready to compete this summer.

Jadon Apgar

evaluated in summer ’23

Powerful young kicker. 70 yard kickoffs and power to hit field goal from 60 yards out. As Jadon cleans up his mechanics, look for him to emerge as one of the top class of 2025 kickers in the country.

Eric Guerrier

evaluated in January ’24

55 yard field goal range off the ground already with great consistency. Kickoffs around 60 yards. Hard working athlete with tall frame. Tons of next level potential.

Isaiah Armstrong

evaluated in December ’23

10 for 14 on field goals with long kick of 52 off a 1/2 inch block in December ’22. 50 yard field goal range off the ground in ’23. Averaged almost 64 yards per kickoff at Michigan Kicking Camp in December 2023.

Dominic De Freitas

Powerful multi-sport athlete. Kickoffs are easily in mid 60’s. Lots of potential. With improved mechanics, sky is the limit.

Jonas Gregory 

evaluated in January ’24

50 yard field goal range off the ground. Averaged 60 yards on kickoffs in January 2024 at the Illinois Kicking Camp.

Grayson Parker

Technically sound young kicker with consistent field goals in 50 yard range. Kickoffs currently average in upper 50s. As Grayson becomes stronger, we will see kickoffs move into the 60s.

Daniel Vigo

evaluated in July ’23

Went 9 for 12 on field goals with long kick of 50 off the ground at Michigan Kicking Camp in December 2022. Smooth mechanics and swing. Averaged 55.00 yards at the Top Kicker In America event in July 2023.

Daniel Klein

evaluated in December ’23

Daniel went 7/10 on field goals with long of 45, kicking off the ground at the Michigan Kicking Camp. He averaged 58 yards on kickoffs.

Ben Amos

evaluated in October ’23

Ben showed excellent consistency on field goals, going 8/10 with long of 45. Tall athlete with smooth swing. Lots of potential as he keeps getting stronger.

Ben Ratner

evaluated in January ’24

Kicker with track and soccer background. Good leg speed. Ability to hit kickoffs 60+ yards and field goals around 50 off a 1 inch block with lots of room to improve.

Brody Parks

evaluated in April ’23

Brody went 10/12 on field goals with long of 50 at the cold and breezy Iowa Kicking Camp in April 2023.

Carson Goulet

evaluated in July ’23

Went 8 for 10 on field goals with long of 45 at the Ohio Kicking Camp at Ashland University in July 2023. Averaged 55 yards on kickoffs. Experienced kicker who keeps improving at a fast pace.

Wyatt Young

evaluated in March ’23

Went 9/10 on field goals with long of 45 yards off the ground at the Indiana Indoor Kicking Camp in March ’23.