Top Prospects – Class of 2024


Mikey Baker

Power to hit 60+ yard field goals. Puts kickoffs through the end zone regularly. One of the best kickers in the country. Mikey has been the starting kicker for the state champion Loyola Academy(IL) since he was a sophomore.

Ethan Stumpf

All around solid kicker/punter. 6’3″ frame, strong and getting stronger. Good mechanics in all 3 skills. 55+ yard field goal range off the ground. 4.6+ hang times on best punts. 70+ yard kickoffs. Next level potential and power.

Brett Mueller

Performed exceptionally at the Top Kicker In America Event in July 2023. Long field goal was 58 off the ground. Kickoffs averaged upper 60s. Best punt hang times were in 4.6 to 4.9 second range. Focused and motivated athlete. VIDEO

Mason Staslicki

Smashed the ball at the Michigan Preseason Kicking Camp, hitting few 70 yard kickoffs with 4+ second hang times. Field goals were solid too, going 9/11 with long of 53 yards. Occasionally hits a punt or two 60+ yards. Skills need to be a bit better though.

Manake Watanabe

Manake went 9/10, with long of 50, kicking off the ground at the Michigan Kicking Camp in December 2022. Tall kicker who also averaged 60.50 yards per kickoff.

Ethan Head

Ball jumps of Ethan’s foot. He is a good athlete that inspires confidence. At the Top Kicker In America Event, Ethan averaged 64 yards per kickoff with hang times close to 4 seconds. Field goal range is in mid 50’s off the ground. Still somewhat new to kicking, lots of room to improve in spite of performing well already.

Ashton Lutz

Excellent natural ball striker. Field goals are straight and high..very pretty kicks. 50+ yard range off the ground. 60+ yard kickoffs. Calm demeanor. Hard working athlete. Solid college kicking prospect.

Jacob Wheeler

All around solid kicker/punter prospect. Shows good athleticism and mechanics in all three skills with next level power. Excellent hands and steps on punts. As he gets more kicks under his belt, Jacob will open some eyes. Averaged 66 yards on kickoffs in June 2023.

Braeden Chiles

Experienced and confident kicker who performs exceptionally in games. Strong athlete who has 50+ yard field goal range and hits kickoffs in mid 60s. Field goals are straight and high every time.

Owen Clevenger

Owen went 8/12 on field goals with long of 53 off the ground at the Ohio Winter Indoor Camp in December 2022. He also averaged 61.50 yards per kickoff.

Ashton Hunter

Went 9/10 on field goals with long of 50 yards off the ground at the Michigan Preseason Kicking Camp in July 2023. Averaged 58 yards on kickoffs.

Benjamin Rudolph

9 for 12 on field goals with long kick of 53, kicking off the ground at the Illinois Kicking Camp in January 2023. Averaged 54.50 yards per kickoff.

Robert Castro

Showed excellent ability to hit field goals off the ground at the Indiana Kicking Camp in June 2023. Longest field goal was 55 yards off the ground with good height and rotation.

Jensen Yarosh

Jensen went 8/12 on field goals with long of 50 off the ground at the Top Kicker In America event in July 2023. He averaged almost 60 yards per kickoff.

Owen Pfeifer

Showed great consistency on field goals at the Ohio Camp in June 2023, hitting straight and high kicks off the ground, going 7 for 10 with long of 45. Averaged 60 yard on kickoffs with room to improve.

Ethan Hasting

Hard working kicker. 50 yard field goal range on field goals off the ground. Kickoffs are close to 60 yards.

Casey Medley

Casey was hitting field goals with good foot speed, getting good height off the ground with a long of 50 yards. Kickoffs average close to 60 yards

Conor Fitzpatrick

Combo athlete with a quick leg. Averages close to 60 yards on kickoffs. Field goal range is 50 yards.

Andrew Mohan

Natural kicker with soccer background and easy field goal swing. Averaged mid 50s on kickoffs during a cold Iowa kicking camp. With improved mechanics, Andrew has next level ability.

Luke Courtney

Luke was impressive with his consistency at the Ohio Kicking Camp in July 2021, going 13/16, with long of 51 yards on a college goal post.