Ohio Winter Kicking Camp & College Exposure Event

March 2025 – Tiffin University, Tiffin, Ohio

10 AM – 4 PM

*Sign up opening in October 2024


  • Preferred camper age: 12 to 18.
  • This is a one-day skill-building and evaluation kicking camp for kickers and kicker/punter combos. Most of the event is geared toward improving athletes’ skills and teaching them how to train effectively when they are kicking on their own.
  • College Prospect Evaluation: We chart and evaluate high school sophomore, junior and senior kickers and punters for college referrals. Athletes will complete our standardized testing workout. Statistics and observations from the evaluation are used to refer athletes to colleges.
  • High school seniors will learn how to kick field goals off the ground, and get final/ last chance evaluation for college referrals. “Late bloomer” kickers get overlooked because most colleges have their lists of high school prospects finalized prior to the start of kicker’s senior season. If you got pretty good toward the end of your high school career, we need to know how good you are and if you are looking to kick in college.
  • HIGH SCHOOL COACHES are welcome to attend the clinic for free and learn from coach Filipovic and his staff.


  • What exercises and drills will take your skills to a higher level
  • How to prepare for a football season from January to August
  • How to prepare mentally for high pressure kicks
  • Equipment secrets of pro kickers
  • How to coach your holder and snapper, communicate with your coach, etc.
  • And much more…


  • Individual technique coaching
  • Teaching of skills of kicking and punting and game scenario kicks
  • Competitions
  • Individual college potential evaluation

Ohio Kicking Camp Cost:

Kicker or Kicker/Punter: $280

$50 refundable deposit is due at sign up. Remaining balance is due on the day of the event.

CFL kicker

Head Coach 
Filip Filipovic, NFL veteran, professional kicking coach

Assistant Coaches 

  • KC Lopata – former University of Michigan Kicker, kicking coach
  • Josh Brebant – Kicking Coach and Strength Coach (former D1 kicker)
  • Andrew Glass – Kicker, Kent State
  • NFL, BIG 10, or MAC kickers and punters. Our staff is loaded with The Kicking Coach Alumni who are extremely talented and personable. Coach to camper ratio is always 1:7 or better.

**For more information about our kicking coaches, check out the STAFF PAGE

Kicker or Kicker/Punter