Ohio Preseason Kicking Camp

July 28th 2024  
Kicking: 9 AM – 1 PM, Punting: 2:30 PM – 6 PM
Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio

austin seibert at Ohio kicking camp

NFL Kicker Austin Seibert kicking a 63 yard field goal for the campers

kicker strength training

Teaching strength training exercises for kickers

kickers warming up at the ohio kicking camp


  • Recommended Age: 12 – 19. Average age is 14-17.
  • At all of our kicking camps, athletes: 1. learn the skills that are used by NFL and successful college kickers, 2. learn how to train effectively all year around, 3. receive subjective and objective evaluation of their current kicking abilities
  • Skills taught at the Ohio Kicking Camp: Field Goals, Kickoffs, Punts. At our kicking camps, we teach the most efficient techniques that are used by NFL and top college kickers while allowing room for individual nuances. At preseason kicking camps, we also focus on teaching the execution of game scenario kicks – directional kicking, working with snappers and holders, etc.
  • Camper skill level varies from the first time kickers to more experienced kickers with several years of camp and playing experience. We tailor instruction to the individual.
  • We chart and evaluate younger athletes for self-assessment and comparison with peers.
  • Older athletes are charted and evaluated for college potential and referrals.
  • College Prospect Evaluation: We chart and evaluate high school sophomore, junior and senior kickers and punters for college referrals. Athletes will complete our standardized testing workout.
  • Parents are welcome to stay and observe instruction and evaluation.
  • At the Ohio kicking camp, our top priority is to teach kickers and punters how to train and improve while kicking on their own. There are no kicking coaches on middle school, high school, or college football teams. When your high school coach gives you couple footballs and tells you to “go practice”, you need to know… How to kick? How much to kick? How often to kick? What to tell your snapper and holder? How to make adjustments for different conditions? Etc.


8:50 AM     Camp Check in for Kickers and Kickers/Punters

9:00 AM     Kicking Fundamentals Instruction

12:15 PM     Evaluation of field goals and kickoffs

1:00 PM      Camp ends for Kickers Only. Lunch break and recovery for kickers/punters

2:30 PM      Check-in for punters only

2:30 PM      Punting Fundamentals Instruction

4:00 PM      Punting Evaluation

4:45 PM     Game Scenario Punt Practice

6:00 PM      Camp ends for all athletes

**Many athletes shy away from punting because it is a more difficult skill. This is exactly why there are significantly more opportunities for playing time and college scholarships for punters and combos than kickers-only. Please consider learning the skill of punting. Nobody is born a good punter. Every great punter had to start somewhere.

Head Coach
Filip Filipovic. 6-year NFL veteran, Professional Kicking Coach

Assistant Coaches


  1. Hunter Niswander – Dallas Cowboys, XFL, Northwestern U.
  2. Yanni Volas – John Carroll University K/P

The Kicking Coach Alumni with NFL or major college experience. Coach to Camper ration is always 1 to 7 or better. Assistant coaches at this event included Zoltan Mesko (Patriots), Aaron Pettrey (Bengals, Ohio State), Austin Signor (Bears), Todd Carter (Panthers), Jon Thoma (Ohio State), and many others.

**For more information, check out our KICKING COACHES page.